Præsentation af nye kriterier for IT

Foto: Colourbox

Præsentation af helt nye kriterier for grønne indkøb af IT 

TCO Certified fra Sverige er nogle af de mest seriøse inden for grønne indkøb, og nu inviterer de den 13. februar 2019 til et webinar “Using purchasing to drive environmental and social progress”, hvor de præsenterer deres hele nye kriterier for IT.

There’s still a lot of work to do to reach a sustainable life cycle for IT products. Some of the most pressing issues include the overuse of finite natural resources, alarming amounts of e-waste as well as violations of workers’ rights and labour laws in the supply chain.

Change needs to happen faster, and that’s why we’ve launched TCO Certified, generation 8, with a wide range of updated and new criteria, helping you contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Join this webinar to learn more about the sustainability challenges connected to IT products, and how you can drive positive change through strategic, sustainable procurement.